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Relationships, Health and Sex Education

You will have received information from us regarding our policy and provision for RHSE (Relationships, Health and Sex Education) as part of our PSHE provision and updated to reflect new statutory guidance.

If you haven't already done so, please take time to read our policy (see link below) and about our provision for PSHE and Relationships and Sex Education - see information on our Learning: Curriculum pages under 'PSHE'.  We review and re-evaluate our policy and teaching approaches regularly and very much welcome feedback from parents as part of this ongoing process. We will respond individually to any feedback or suggestions as to how we might improve or develop our policy and provision and let you know of any decisions we make to update our policy. Thank you for the feedback we've received.

We always send out reminders to parents each year in advance of our teaching of the 'Changing Me' unit in Term 6 which contains the more specific 'Sex Education' lessons for some year groups.

Parents/carers: If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback on our PSHE/Relationships and Sex Education policy and/or teaching programme, please message Mr Heywood (Deputy Head / PSHE lead):

Most recent communication:

RSHE reminder for parents May 2021