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Morfa Bay updates!

Morfa Bay updates!

Have you been seeing our Morfa Bay updates? They can be found via our Twitter feed @yattonschools but are now also on the Year 6 Page of this website: Junior School: Learning: Year Group pages: Year 6    Year 6 page

A reminder that the children are scheduled to return on Friday afternoon at approximately 4 pm - but this is only an estimate; we will provide you with updates if it looks like their return will be significantly later (or earlier!) than this - via Twitter and ParentMail.

As indicated in our letters to you, our staff team at Morfa Bay will be in contact with you with they have any concerns about your child. If you need to send a message to them at Morfa, please do this through the school first if in school hours. If out of school hours, the Morfa Bay number is 01994 453588 or in an emergency the school team at Morfa can be contacted on 07708612184

Please don't hesitate to contact us if have any question, however small, about the visit or if you need clarification about something or wish to share information with us.

You might also like to visit the Morfa Bay website: Morfa Bay Adventure