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FutureFit Holiday Club

FutureFit holiday club is the perfect way for your kids to spend the days on those troublesome days when the kids get the day off but the adults don't!

I know the name may sound super active and sporty and we love to keep kids active but rest assured we pride ourselves on providing an entertaining day for all whether your child is super creative or super sporty, we've got it covered. 

With a fun filled day packed from start to finish with a huge range of activities such as 

  • Amazing arts and crafts
  • Brilliant baking and cookery  
  • Super sports 
  • Tricky treasure hunts 
  • Code breaking and puzzle games in the ICT suite
  • Silly science 
  • Obstacle courses

and so much more .....

The kids are given the opportunity to take part and enjoy all activities, workshops and games that are taking place and we will always encourage them to try something new and adapt sessions wherever and whenever necessary to ensure all are able to make the most of their day with us. 

As well as everything listed above we are always looking for new ways to challenge and entertain so if there is an activity we haven't listed that your child enjoys or you think would be great addition then we actively encourage your feedback, opinions and ideas.

For bookings please follow the link below or WhatsApp 07746117020