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Our Coronavirus Journey!

Our Coronavirus Journey archive

During much of the Spring and Summer Terms 2020, the schools were closed to most children due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a selection of the activities and videos we made to put on our website during this time for the benefit of our children and families (in addition to the more formal home learning that was available each week). Enjoy!

Good Morning Yatton!

Good Morning Yatton! Episode 1. 24th March

In Episode 1 of ‘Good Morning Yatton!’, Miss Keeble and Mr Okeden update us on the latest news, set you some challenges and competitions, and wish some children a happy birthday – then Mr Taylor encourages you to get off that sofa and join him for some exercise! Not to be missed!

Good Morning Yatton! Episode 2. 31st March 

In Episode 2, Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood share some of the things you have been sending in, bring you the latest news and discuss their hair issues during these challenging times. Plus more exercise from Mr Taylor!

Good Morning Yatton! Episode 3. 3rd April

In Episode 3, find out if you’re a prize winner as Miss Keeble and Mr Okeden play ‘Spin to Win!’ ; Mr Taylor has some new exercises plus Mrs Howard challenges everyone to learn a dance – and even tries to teach it to Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood – surely you can do better than them?!! Enjoy.

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 4. 21st April

In Episode 4, Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood discuss camping at home, respond to criticism about their appearance and, most importantly, find out about all the wonderful things you have been getting up to over Easter. The results of Mrs Standen’s amazing Easter Egg Competition are announced plus your birthdays and another chance to play ‘Spin to Win!’ – will someone win the toilet roll this time? We have had so much fantastic feedback – letters, photos, artwork, jokes, examples of learning (and much more!) that we couldn’t get through everyone in this episode – another GMY coming up very soon! Please keep in touch – we love to hear from you!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 5. 24th April

Episode 5 has a wildlife theme. As well as sharing news and lots more of the pictures, letters and jokes you have been sending in, Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood are joined by some special ‘nature detective’ guests who explore some of the wildlife in the school grounds and come across something surprising in the woods! Plus – more from Mr Taylor!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 6. 27th April

In this episode, art competitions from Mrs Caffery and Miss Williams are launched, Mrs Ralfs’ chick names are selected (by the chickens!) plus the usual features from Mr Okeden and Miss Keeble, including another ‘Spin to Win!’

There’s a brilliant cooking demonstration from Mrs Brenton (recipes below). Also, are you up to taking on the Squirty Cream Challenge?

Good Morning Yatton! Episode 7 1st May

In Episode 7, Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood respond to feedback and attempt to present a show that is leaner, fitter and with 40% less drivel and waffle… Watch to see how well they do! As well as the latest news items, more of your home learning and pictures are shared with some more lucky contributors winning a prize on ‘Spin to Win!’ There’s also another exercise session from Mr Taylor.

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 8. 4th May

In Episode 8, Mr Okeden and Miss Keeble reveal the results of Mrs Caffrey’s environmental art competition. Have a look at your fabulous artwork on a sea theme in the new Good Morning Yatton Gallery plus all the usual news, birthdays, shout outs and ‘Spin to Win!’

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 9. 8th May 2020

Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood share lots more of your news and home learning. There are some jokes to enjoy (!) and a diversion into the world of light sabres! Also, the slightly random ‘Pie a Teacher’ event is launched …literally … and one teacher doesn’t look too happy about it! Mr Taylor provides us with his latest exercise session.

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 10. 11th May.

In Episode 10, Mr Okeden and Miss Keeble celebrate VE Day. They are joined by special guests from Early Years who tell us about a ‘giant problem’. There’s a special Early Years ‘Spin to Win’ plus the usual items, news and a look at more of your pictures in the latest GMY gallery!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 11. 14th May

In this episode, there’s something of a pets theme, with Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood introducing their dogs to the world – meet Lily and Millie! As well as the all-important sharing of your news, jokes and home learning, see how many members of staff you can spot having a go at Mrs Howard’s Dance Challenge and, as ‘Spin to Win’ gets an upgrade, I wonder which teacher receives the pie surprise! Plus more from Mr Taylor, of course.

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 12. 18th May.

Mr Okeden and Miss Keeble discover that ‘someone has been sitting on their chair’ (or sofa!) before they take back control and provide the usual mix of news, jokes and all the things you have been learning and getting up to at home. Miss Lloyd is on the sofa to provide some more recorder tuition and Mrs Brenton is in the Cookery Room again showing us how to make Peanut Butter and Rice Crispie Bites – you can find the recipe below.

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 13. 22nd May

Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood welcome Linda from St Mary’s Church on to the mauve sofa who tells us about the church tower and Yatton traditions relating to Ascension Day – we wonder whether any of you know of any other interesting facts or traditions from Yatton’s past? Mrs Howard also comes in with a fun family half term challenge for you. Plus all the usual features!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 14. 1st June

Mr Okeden is joined by Mrs Caffrey to celebrate Ozzy’s birthday! Ozzy thanks you for the cards you sent him! Mrs Wood introduces you to the birds in her garden and gives you lots of tips to encourage birds into your garden. Can you identify the birds in Mrs Wood’s quiz? Expect all the usual features – and see Mr Okeden receive something he really didn’t expect! Plus more exercises from Mr Taylor.

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 15.   8th June

Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood perform their own Yatton version of a classic sketch from a great double act from the past. There’s some news items, jokes, your birthdays and lots of pictures and video clips that you have been sending in. More of you win a prize in Spin to Win and who will get the pie in the face this week?!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 16.  16th June

Welcome to a new look ‘Good Morning, Yatton!’ as Y6 children from ‘Bubble O’ co-host the show with Mr Okeden, bringing you news and features – including an insight into what school is like at the moment.

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 17.   23rd June  including the Summer Showcase!

Episode 17 of GMY is hosted by the Year 6 children from Mr Bertenshaw’s class who are in ‘Bubble R’ who take the opportunity to display their talents and share various items and features. Well done, Bubble R! This episode includes our Summer Showcase – well worth waiting for!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 18. 30th June.

Episode 18 – and it’s the turn of the Year 6 children in ‘Bubble P’ to lead the way and present their news and features. Well done, everyone!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 19. 6th July

Year 6 children from ‘Bubble N’ lead the way this week with a most egg-cellent and egg-citing episode of Good Morning, Yatton!  Well done, everyone!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 20. 16th July

It’s the turn of Y6 children from ‘Bubble Q’ to step up and host the latest episode of GMY! Well done all of you!

Good Morning, Yatton! Episode 21. 17th July

We come to the very last edition of Good Morning, Yatton! – at least for this school year. Year 6 children from Bubble M lead the way with their news and features – including smoothies, science and stingrays! Also learn how to draw cartoon characters.

We hope you have enjoyed our ‘Good Morning Yatton’ programmes. The main purpose of them was to try to stay connected with everyone in these strange times and provide opportunities for the children to share with each other what they have been doing – and hopefully make people smile a bit here and there too. They have continued to evolve and it’s been a joy to see Y6 children being back in school to take a lead in the last few episodes. Many many thanks to the wonderful Rob Cox of West Coast Films for all that he has done for us in the high quality production of the programmes – amazing! We don’t know what the future holds – who knows?! – GMY may return in the future in some format – we are looking to explore ways in which children themselves can develop film making skills to create their own programmes.


We may not be able to hold our Summer Showcase in school this year but does that stop the children and families of Yatton from performing and displaying their talents? Of course not! Enjoy:

Yatton Schools’ Summer Showcase 2020

Year 6 Leavers' Service July 2020:

Year 6 Leavers' Service


Mrs Williams’ Art Competition: GMY Gallery Competition            Good Morning Yatton Gallery 4th May: The Sea

Mrs Brenton’s recipes –  Episode 6:    Pasta Bake              Nifty tomato sauce

 Episode 12: Peanut butter and rice crispie bites

Mrs Howard’s Dance Challenge

Just in case Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood’s demo wasn’t clear enough for you (!)…here’s a link to another version of the dance for Mrs Howard’s Dance Challenge: Better When I’m Dancing – dance tutorial  Keep dancing!!

Mr Okeden on the Radio!

Did you hear Mr O talking to Emma about GMY on the BBC Radio Bristol Breakfast Show yesterday [Monday 6th April]? In case you didn’t, here’s a link to the programme – tune in at around 2:52 to get to the interview:

BBC Radio Bristol Breakfast Show 6/4/2020

Mr O’s Camping Adventure!

Be inspired to try a bit of camping as Mr O has a ‘Staycation’ adventure…in his garden: Mr O Camps in his Garden

Yatton Schools' Choirs

We are very proud of our school choirs! Please click on these links to access their latest video recording:

Infant School Choir       Y3/Y4 Spotlight Sparklers          Y5/Y6 Spotlight Sparklers

Also, our Junior School choirs have helped write and perform their own Covid19 song with Ali and Owen Francis Black (as featured on BBC Radio Bristol!). They have set up a fundraising page for the coronavirus appeal at Southmead Hospital. Here are the details, including a link to the song: Bristol Buskathon - Covid-19 Holiday song

A Song a Day

For those of you missing the singing we do together in school, Mr Hackeson has found a song a day for you to enjoy.

We would strongly encourage whole family sing-a-longs!

LATESTWeek beginning 11th MayA song a day

Week beginning 4th May: A song a day – Nature

A Song a Day Disney Week beginning 27th April

Week beginning 20th April – Songs from the West End  Musicals theme – including some new songs to learn ready for when we return to school!

A song a day – Easter Holidays   Links to 10 songs to sing along to over the Easter holidays!

A song a day – Week beginning 30th March 

Mrs Caffrey's Storytime

Click here for links to stories with Mrs Caffrey and Ozzy the Dog!

Nature Detectives    

Exciting weekly nature-related activities from Mrs Okeden! 


Bible Stories:

Many children have been enjoying having the opportunity to open their Bibles each week and read a Bible story.While they won’t have access to their Children’s Bibles, if they wanted to read a version of the stories they would have been reading in school, please click here to share the links with them if you wish.


The Church of England has produced some child-friendly prayers which you may choose to share with your child at this time. Follow the link below. 

Prayers with children - time of Covid-19

Art at Home

Click on the links for an art tutorial by Miss Williams and for details of her art competition:

How to paint a watercolour whale                 GMY Gallery Competition                     Good Morning Yatton Gallery 'The Sea' 4th May

Learn the Recorder with Miss Lloyd!

Catch up with Miss Lloyd’s weekly videos and learn to play a musical instrument! Click on the links below:

Lesson 1         Lesson 2    Lesson 3         Lesson 4

Easter Egg Competition

*See who has won the Easter Egg Competition! Although the competition has now closed - so you can no longer vote - you can still have a look at all of the fabulous entries by clicking here

Here are some fun things you may wish to try over Easter as a family:

Easter Traditions - Family Fun ideas: Click Easter traditions (purely for fun, if you want to try anything!)

Junior children: YACWAG Competition - click here  for more information about entering YACWAG's 'Nature As Your Neighbour' competition. No entry fee for children. Deadline extended to 30th June. With Yatton library closed, entries should be submitted digitally wherever possible, but if necessary paper entries can be sent to Nature As Your Neighbour, 33 Court Avenue, Yatton, BS49 4EP.


Thank you so much to Pace Print of Clevedon who have been producing the home learning packs for those families who do not have access to the online resources and generously providing all the paper free of charge. 

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