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Religious Education

In recognition of both the Christian Foundation of the Junior school and the legal requirements for teaching RE, our teaching is based on the agreed North Somerset syllabus for Religious Education, 'Awareness, Mystery and Value' and the Church of England resource 'Understanding Christianity'.

We believe Religious Education helps children not only to gain a deeper understanding the nature of religion but also aid their quest for meaning and purpose, and the development of their own beliefs, attitudes and values. 

Religious Education provides opportunities for the children to ask and discuss challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human.  It develops children's knowledge and understanding of the nature of Christianity and other major religions, various religious traditions and world in the context of a diverse society. Their increased understanding of various beliefs and world views helps to develop empathy, respect and sensitivity towards others, challenge prejudices and promote ways in which communities can live and work together. RE offers opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual and moral development, and contributes towards children's self awareness and well being. 

An overview of the RE units studied through the Junior School and the key questions explored can be accessed via the links below.

Bible Stories

Each week children across the school read a passage from their Children's Bible which is linked to the current Christian Value being explored or to key Christian festivals in the church calendar.  Meanings or messages from the Bible story of the week are regularly discussed in class or developed further in collective worship.

Bible Stories Nov/Dec 2022 Respect, Advent

Bible Stories October 2022 Compassion

Bible Stories September 2022 Friendship


RE Home Learning:

Here are some resources you can access at home to support your child's learning about religion:

BBC Bitesize RE - 7-11 year olds can find out about different religions and non-religious worldviews through BBC Bitesize

My Life, My Religion - Short BBC films for 7-11 year olds featuring children from 5 of the world’s major religions

True Tube A series of films suitable for pupils aged 7-11 on a variety of topics such as a History of Islam in 10 minutes, the Easter story in 3 parts, a day in the life of a vicar, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, visits to places of worship in the Holy Cribs series and much much more.