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School Lettings


Both the Infant and Junior school buildings are available to let within the following parameters and as long as the conditions of hire are fulfilled.

We currently have evening vacancies on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in the Infants hall and on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Junior hall. If you are interested in letting the space, please contact Judith Ralfs, the School Business Manager.

The Lettings Policies have the following aims:

  • To ensure that the use of the school buildings is maximised, but not detract from the normal running of the school, or compromise the security of the pupils, staff or school.
  • To generate income for the school where lettings are to non-charitable organisations.
  • To develop links between the school and the local community
  • To benefit local community groups, in particular those associated with the school in some way.

The Lettings Policy & application form are below.