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Vision and Values

Mission statement:

‘Together is better, achieving excellence in happy schools.’

Vision and Aims

We aim to develop:

  • Successful life-long learners
  • Responsible citizens
  • Confident individuals
  • Effective contributors

Collaboration: We aim to work and learn together as a community, in an environment of trust in which everyone is important and valued, to create learners who show tolerance, respect and work well with others.

Confidence: We will provide opportunities to present, publish, exhibit and celebrate beautiful learning and provide quality feedback and discussion. We aim to develop learners who are happy and innovative and can celebrate successes and overcome mistakes.

Curiosity: We provide an interesting curriculum that excites, challenges, has purpose and relevance in real life contexts so that children become motivated, interested, questioning learners who feel able to take risks and have fun with their learning.

Resilience: We aim to provide high challenge for all and a safe place to have cognitive conflict (‘The Learning Pit’) so that children keep trying, don’t give up and feel able to ‘have a go’ even if it is ‘tricky’ and could lead to a mistake.

Resourcefulness: We aim to provide innovative and inspiring leadership at all levels across the schools enabling our children to make links and show imagination.

Responsibility: Through high quality teaching and learning based on the principles of pedagogical research and quality CPD, we aim to encourage active learners who embrace challenges, take responsibility for and pride in their own learning.

Across both schools, in every class, we promote and develop these positive ‘Yatton Learner’ behaviours we believe are important in supporting the children to become effective life-long learners. Staff discuss these behaviours with the children and they recognise and praise them when they are observed trying hard to apply them in their day-to-day learning.

Our Vision Map below shows how our vision, aims and values link together.