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Volunteering at Yatton Schools

Parents and Community Volunteers

When your child joins our school,  you are joining too!  Parents are actively involved in the life of the school on a daily basis.  The staff and Headteacher are always happy to discuss aspects of your child’s development with you at a mutually convenient time.  Parent-teacher consultations meetings teak place in the autumn and spring.  There is also an opportunity to discuss your child;s annual report later in the year.  Events such as  Christmas celebrations and sports days are also well supported.

We welcome parent (or grandparent!) helpers as well as other volunteers from the community  in school to assist teachers or to work with small groups of children in a variety of different ways;  this help can be with reading,  art/craft activities, sewing, ICT, swimming or school trips etc.  We are always pleased to receive this extra help because we know how much it benefits every child. Please let your child’s class teacher know if you are happy to help and they will arrange for you to have a copy of the Volunteer Policy which outlines the process.

In order for you to work in school as a volunteer, you may be required  complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check and complete a Volunteer Agreement before helping. In line with the DfE guidance, we also seek references for all volunteers who help in school regularly.

The Volunteer Policy has been written to help make your time in school both worthwhile and enjoyable and can be found on the Policies and Key Documents page.

We are also keen to make full use of any talents parents may have and are always pleased to hear from parents who are able to come into school to talk to the children about aspects of their work, business, industry and hobbies.  Equally, if you think that your place of work would be a suitable venue for a class visit,  please let us know.