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Year 3

Here are the contact details for the Y3 teachers:

Pangolins: Mrs Caffrey

                     Miss Carver

Pandas:      Mrs Clarke

                     Mrs Tyler

Panthers:   Mrs Francis

                      Mrs Taylor

Please note: if children wish to email members of staff they must do so under parent supervision through their parent’s email – teachers will not be able to reply to children’s personal email addresses if they have them.

Home Learning for School Closure Day - Friday 18th February

Home Learning activities for Friday 18th February:

Home Learning for Y3 18th Feb

Y3 Literacy Lesson Video

Y3 Music Video

Create Music scores using hieroglyphs

Scarab bordered paper

The Scarab's Secret Book

The Scarab's Secret Story Map Frame

What are the children learning this term?

The overview of the Y3 learning is available to view below in the Y3 Planning document attachments - scroll down the page.

Remote Learning

Hopefully this year there will be fewer occasions when children will need to be self-isolating but, if they need to, the LSP Remote Learning Grid for each term is provided as an attachment below. Please scroll down to your child's year group and click on links to lessons and activities. Although the activities may not always match exactly the tasks the children will be doing in the classroom, they will often follow similar general topics and objectives.

Maths worksheets to accompany lessons - Please contact your child's class teacher (see emails above) for maths worksheets to accompany the lessons or more information if needed.

LSP Remote Learning all year groups Spring Term 2

LSP Remote Learning Spring Term 1

Remember you can also complete reading (including Bug Club) and Numbots.  

See Home Learning page for more information on Teams, Bug Club and Numbots, as well as other learning ideas.