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The Foundation Stage Curriculum aims to provide learning opportunities that will underpin all future learning.  It starts when a child becomes three years old and continues until the end of the Reception Year.  For more information about the Early Years curriculum, please see our Curriculum pages - and click on Foundation Stage. 

Here’s how to contact the teachers in the Early Years:

Snowy Owls:         Mrs Standen

                                 Mrs Redall 

Great Grey Owls: Mrs Lilley   

Please note: if children wish to email members of staff they must do so under parent supervision through their parent’s email – teachers will not be able to reply to children’s personal email addresses if they have them.


What are the children learning this term?

To find out what the children are learning about, click on the EYFS Termly Overviews attachments below.

Reading newsletter March 2023

Writing Newsletter Feb 2024

For parents of EYFS / Reception children, the main form of communication regarding your children’s learning will be through Tapestry as usual but links to home/remote learning opportunities and resources can also be accessed via this grid